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Research Paper example - Voyage Calculation

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Research Paper
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This is a calculation-based report aimed at finding out the total cost of getting 980,000 million tons of coked coal to Pakistan Steel, Pakistan Steel Terminal, Karachi, Pakistan from four different ports namely Port Gladstone, Port Newcastle, Hampton Roads and Port Roberts Bank…

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The report will be covering the following aspects:
It is necessary to understand that the contents of the report are based on a values that have been gathered from secondary research over the internet. The distances and the loads of each port have been used from internet sources. Where required the original sources have been given credit and logical formulae have been applied to arrive at the respective calculations.
It is very much possible that there will be pre-monsoon and summer rains that can affect the course and speed of the vessels. Thus, allowance in the costs has to be made for such stoppages and slowdowns.
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