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Management & Leadership at Li & Fung Ltd

Williams. The interview took place on the Talking to CEOs Show (when). Firstly, the necessity for chief executive officers will be outlined. Secondly, background information of
Li & Fung Ltd. will be presented, as well as a short biography of Mr. William Fung. Next, concepts of leadership for a CEO shall be reviewed. Finally, a brief review of myths surrounding success will be provided.
An executive manager functions to create and maintain the internal environment of an organization, so as to enhance the motivation of employees for consistent performance (Today's Manager 2005). Importantly, a CEO's job requirement is to plan, organize, direct and control organizational resources that may be in the form of jobs, materials, facilities, information or money. These four functions are interrelated, interdependent and goal-orientated (Today's Manager 2005). It is truly a dynamic position, as the CEO is expected to anticipate and adapt to a variety of challenges and changes. A CEO uses a plan to develop a strategy to systematically achieve organizational goals, and to prepare for future challenges. Organization is required to gather resources needed for the plan, and so the CEO must develop internal structure (policy), build relationships (network) and allocate resources appropriately. A CEO directs, leads or guides employees within the organization to maintain focus on goals.
Finally, a CEO uses control when they evalua ...
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Society is changing rapidly due to advances in technology and economics. So too are decision making criteria changing of who is best to be the CEO of a company (Rickards & Delhougne nd). Experience at being a CEO with other companies remains the number one factor in choosing a CEO (Weisman, 2005)…
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