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successful implementation & methodology

When implemented with these elements in mind, BPR can be successful and may be absolutely vital to the health of an organisation.
The factors that impact a successful Business Process Reengineering (BPR) fall into the categories of implementation and environmental. The first factor to consider in the implementation is the design of the project. The project should be visionary and realistic. The design of the BPR needs to take into account the strategic goals of the business and consider the direction of the organisation. Timeframes must be adequate to allow for the team to accomplish its goals.
There are key questions to be asked during project design phase. Will it provide any competitive advantage Will it remain competitive in the long term These questions require knowledge of the business environment. Grover et al. (1995 p. 112) asserts that " A major finding of the planned change approach indicates that implementation success occurs when commitment to change exists; commitment to the project exists; and the project is well defined and plans are clearly specified". The design team will need to know the product, the market, and the customers to complete a successful design.
The redesign phase is one of the most important factors in any methodology. ...
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Reengineering the business process is a relatively new concept that has had some measure of success. Critics have also pointed to its low success rate and asked why it isn't more successful more often. According to Spencer (1999 p.312), "Reengineering, a new organisational concept based on technological advances, is better suited to today's global challenges than traditional systems"…
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