Border Effects and the European Union

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I confirm that the enclosed written work on Border Effects and the European Union (EU), is entirely my own except where explicitly stated otherwise. I declare that wherever I used copying, paraphrasing, summarizations or other appropriate mechanism related to the use of another author's work it has been properly acknowledged in accordance with normal scholarly conventions.


I am also thankful the numerous law courts and drug court practitioners who helped during this study and responded to the survey in a timely manner to make this study a success.. My thanks will also be extended to my family including Dad, Mom and -----, my youngest brother for their kind and invaluable support during the whole project.
This thesis is regarding the effects of border influence on the enlarged European Union (EU). This paper takes into account many of the bordering countries having different sizes and other differences, like Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia and Cyprus. The thesis also analyses account the grading of internal trade with respect to the international trade in this situation where the systems for the various trade and industry and the commercial angle have been well thought-out.
In an effort to avoid the huge border fall-out, the data available locally with regions for the European Union (EU) (EU) countries has been used to formulate a system of weighted measure of distance both for country to country and also within a single country. Also, data pertaining to the (Central East European) CEE countries has also been analyzed to some extent. ...
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