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Accounting methods of Asset Management

2. The are many ways the long term assets can be presented in the balance sheet per reference to AASB 1010 and AASB 1041. AASB 38 has recently been replaced by AASB 1041. AASB 1010 and AASB 1041 speaks of new ways of presenting the long term assets like buildings, equipment, plant, etc. usually with concentration on presenting them using the fair value1. Comparison of the various benchmarking methods is enumerated below:4) Revalued at Replacement Cost - Buying a new item to replace damaged or outmoded equipments etc. Due to the continuous rise of inflationary goods and services, replacement cost has a higher probability of going up.
3. There are other parameters for generating value added when what is being benchmarked is not in goods production but involved actively in the government health department, service company, local council, etc.For local government health departments and councils , prompt delivery of health programs and services, without the usual redundant application forms, is highly recommended. Doctors track patients and refer them to specialists, when needed. Most sponsors and charitable organizations will donate medicines and other related health and economic needs to poor patients. Doctors may share patients' information with other health workers so there is lesser medical history interview time resulting in public health being handled faster. ...
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The balance sheet is better presented if the capital velocity ratio gets bigger encouraging the shareholders to maintain their investments or even better to excitingly infuse more necessary capital into the business. …
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