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Case Study example - Advertising Consultation

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Case Study
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Our market is growing and each day a new product is introduced in the market. There are so many similar products in the market that can satisfy the same need and a customer makes a choice on which is the best product that suits him. …

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This paper discusses an advertising consultation of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, one of the leading producers of ice cream products in the UK market and other parts of the country. The company history date back in 1981 when two friends, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield took a correspondence ice cream course after their college education. They their first ice cream shop in a renovated petrol filling station in Burlington, Vermont and later on their first plant in 1981. Since then, they have expanded their ice cream market to France, Canada, Belgium and Netherlands. Lately, there has been a great threat in the ice cream industry more so from Haagen-Dazs, a leading ice cream company that has a the highest market share in the market. This paper discusses advertising consultation advices to Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield on the tactic they should apply for them to survive in the market. To maximise sales within any market a sound, well defined target market group of consumers is essential. Describe/identify the UK target market that would best suit Ben and Jerry's premium ice cream. Is its primary segment different from that of Haagen-Dazs target Are the two brands too similar in their positioning to the consumer.Ben and Jerry's premium ice cream can still dominate the market thereby maximising sales within any market. ...
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