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We are now in the age of modern technology. Everything is digital, everything is computerized. Educational institutions are now using online registration for the convenience of both students and school staffs, while in the medical field, they use technologies which can detect symptoms in a matter of minutes.


The web has broadened the business industry. This form of rendering services is called the electronic commerce, or what is generally known as e-commerce. It is basically about distribution, buying, marketing, and selling of merchandises over systems that use computer network. But entering in this form of trade is not as easy at it seems. Some may think that the only essential thing to do is to create a website that gives the detailed descriptions of what you offer to public, but actually, there are lots of concerns relating to e-commerce, such as the policy, privacy, security and the business processes, that must be considered. These are important factors for the guaranteed success of the chosen industry.
First of all, the security of private data must be kept and accessed only by those authorized. This information is very significant because these are the fundamentals of the business. If these become public, users may find ways to take control of the management. There is a possibility of hacking the vital files which can lead to loss of profit. But with the foundation of e-commerce, this problem has been solved. Session identifiers are kept in cookies. This prohibits the exposure of main records. ...
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