Human Reasource Management

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Human resource Management deals with strategic and coherent application of management techniques required to maintain optimum efficiency of the work force employed. The role of the Human resource Management is evolving with the changing times with companies who are unable to attract and retain talent face serious risks of falling behind (Cornelius, 2001).


Advancements in the field of transport and communication, growing international trade and greater interaction of firms have lead to greater competition with in the growing world market. Organizations in search of better and more effective ways of production have identified the productivity of the labor force involved as the prime focus. The several techniques employed to tackle major challenges in the current environment are:
Recruitment and selection is a very important aspect for development of a strong workforce. Companies need individuals who are motivated and focused for excellence, individuals whose presence increases the productivity of not only the firm but also assists other employees to be more productive. Large corporations now incorporate assessments such as personality tests, aptitude tests along with a series of interviews to asses the ability of the applicant (Cornelius, 2001).
It has been an understood fact that interaction with in a group containing diverse members allows for a greater pool of innovative ideas, perspective and views according to their respective background to crop up. Such groups are very common in Multinational corporations (MNCs) (Connell, 2006). ...
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