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Trade unions

European trade union leaders, along with their 'London Declaration', studied the financial crisis and appeal for fair dealing and rigorous action. Practical suggestions were as well made to prevent this situation from happening again: successful measures should be taken to guarantee that the economy carries on enjoying capital investments, also to put a stop to disgraceful financial forecast. The addition of public funds into the economy should correspond to public regulation, whereas the control of financial markets at global and European levels should be enhanced (Satre 2005, 804).
This paper's objective is merely a wake up call. While trade unions determinedly expand their organizing attempts and ideas, there remains a noticeable need for constant research on effective strategies and techniques.
It is essential to acknowledge nowadays that organizing has turned out to be increasingly complex. ...
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The reemphasis in unionism or particularly workers or trade union on organizing provides a distinctive opportunity to carry out a very important investigation of which strategies in organizing are most effective in swiftly and significantly repealing the dwindling membership and power of trade unions…
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