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Assignment example - Sustainable Construction in UK and Wales

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The primary objective of this information pack is to provide comprehensive information on the major type of legislations that would have impacts on the building development initiatives in UK and Wales. This report would be able to help the clients to evaluate their construction or development plan against the legislation and hence to prepare them appropriately in line with the prevailing regulations…

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European Commission in its sixth and the present action plan for the environmental management termed as "Environment : 2010 Our future Our Choice" has identified nature and the biodiversity as two priority areas that need to be given proper attention to ensure sustainable development in a region. In this connection various action plans in the form of regulations and community participative strategies are being formulated and put these ideas into practice. As builders and construction contractors are the most involved group with the nature and biodiversity , an awareness on the acts relating to the legislations and regulations would help the plan the development process without infringing the prevailing regulations and norms (Begon et al, 1996, Ratcliffe, 1977). The significant legislations by the UK government to manage construction while preserving the wildlife are as follows.
This legislation is exclusive to England and Wales inorder to strengthen the protection given to Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and other wildlife locations. The duty of its strict enforcement is rested with the government ministers and officials of both England and Wales. ...
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