Employee Training and Development

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The abstract is essentially a one-page summary of the entire dissertation incorporating the research problem, key findings and concepts, and main conclusion and recommendations.
Human resource is often one of the major contributors in an organization's costs. Hence, it is imperative that these costs result to the creation of value to the firm at all times. It is therefore necessary that a company's human resources are properly equipped with the skills and knowledge to function as they are supposed to in attaining the organizational goals and objectives. Human resource training and development, therefore, is a continuous process and can be a source of an organization's competitive advantage.
This importance of human resource training and development is the one of the main reasons why the researcher choose the topic. Moreover, as an aspiring human resource manager, the researcher believes that the knowledge to be learned during the research process will be invaluable to her career in human resource management. Furthermore, given the increasing diversity of the workforce, designing an effective but efficient human resource training and development process has become a key success factor.
Interestingly, a human resource manager nowadays has to be adept in changing expectations from one context to another, from one location to ano ...
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