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The project has a case study of Sheffield Isus, a shop set in Sheffield which deals with the selling of Sheffield-speciality products. The business is quite decent and in demand during Christmas. However, it has been discovered that the Sheffield-speciality products that consist of cutlery and the like, have great demand in the international market, especially in regions of the United States and Asia.


Therefore, the shop must look towards expanding its team of employees and creating a website that is comprehensive in terms of the details of products, purchase catalogue, and the like.
The business, in its process of expansion, can include at least ten work packages, in order to breakdown the work into smaller areas of concentration. The business expansion can be broken down under these categories:
The expansion of the inventory, which means the stock of each product must be expanded, in order to cater to the demand of the international market. The product quality, besides the indigenous tint needs to be maintained for an ethnic yet qualitative touch.
The development of role of IT, in promoting the business. This needs to be done, keeping in view the revolution fo the internet and how e-communication sit he answer to distance-related woes!
The expansion of the staff also needs to be done, by employing more professionals, to keep up the expansion plan and also ...
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