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Sustainable House Construction

This is a proposal aimed to explore how various issues faced by developers in general in the UK and Company X in particular impact on the impediment of Project H, an initiative of the Company X in the UK. The organization is currently the third largest housing development company in the UK, with an investment worth 1,799m. The only other projects larger than this are George Wimpey with 2,600m and Taylor Woodrow with 2,208m in investments (WWF 2009). However, with increasing competition, the project needs identify and address any issue that may affect its marketability in contemporary times.
The topic of research is: Impediments to Sustainable House Construction programmes. The area of focus is on project sustainability and acceptability in the face of all emergent current issues. These issues as they present themselves have been evaluated on the basis of the baseline survey that was carried out more to find the source of the problem rather than as an attempt to finad or suggest solutions. The baseline survey wanted answers to two questions:
The final study shall explore three levels of inquiry. The first shall be to identify the stakeholders in the project, their involvement during various stages up to project completion and their views on the company's priorities. ...
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In recent times housing has become more than just a means of providing shelter to humanity. Any self-respecting housing project must take into cognizance several pertinent factors. Among the important issues are sustainability, environmental impact assessment, affordability, accessibility, culture and aesthetics…
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