Service Development Project

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When a company decided to produce new service that will be introduced in the marketplace, the management should consider the concept of strategic planning. It is important to not that before the service should be initiated, the management should create comprehensive and completive marketing and service development plan to be able to know the capabilities and the weaknesses of the new service that would be provided in the marketplace.


Being able to realise the needs of the rent-a-bike, the company had decided to offer their services. The main goal of the company is to provide bikes for rent in France that will satisfy their target market and be known in the marketplace as a company that provide effective and efficient bike services.
It is important that the company will consider a good value proposition to its customers if it wishes to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors and be known in the marketplace. According to Piercy (2002) describes value for a customer, not only in terms of lower prices and higher quality, but more as a perception of one service overall benefits compared to the total cost of the service. These costs not only include price, but also the time, effort, and difficulties that may arise during the whole purchase decision and post purchase evaluation.
Piercy (2002) states, those customers have become more 'sophisticated' as awareness of marketing activity has increased. The expectations of the customer have increased so much that traditional marketing perspective where the customer is easily satisfied has all but disappeared. ...
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