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Commodity Chain Analysis - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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The new 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system presented the essential concept, with the engine installed longitudinally and the transmission and transfer case planned as a single unit which creates a compact and lightweight assembly that reduces frictional losses, and indicating a number of additional advantages compared to other systems wherein the drive unit is transversely installed…

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Commodity Chain Analysis

The recently multiple-disc clutch in the centre differential comes to the scheme's support when friction between the tires and ground is specifically low, such as when driving over snow or ice. (Horn 2008)
Redefining the way ones belief as regards to driving with C-Class, and with the totally redesigned C230, one should consider about the value the fourth generation C2304MATIC offers. Its features such as the dynamic innovative exterior, power V-6 engines, agility control
suspension, permanent all-wheel-drive scheme, and an instinctively designed interior that sets the whole thing at the driver's command, plus added feature of Bluetooth connectivity. The V6 dedicated a great deal of concentration to whatever that would add to the finest goal. Sophisticated computer schemes were used to calculate the flow of air, thus helping to optimize the flow of air from the air filter twin-chamber. This type considerably contributes to fuel
Economy, hence the engineers of Mercedes Benz C2304MATIC refer to these as tumble flaps, which some measure signifies their intention: they literally produce the fuel/air mix to tumble, escalating the turbulence of the airflow and making it to penetrate the combustion chambers at higher speed, with a more consistent distribution. (Booth 2008)
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