Management of Innovation and Change

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Q1. Identify and critically evaluate the main components of 3M's strategy for building innovative capability and for driving the development, introduction, and exploitation of 3M's products as the company evolved up to the mid 1990's.
Through historical data as presented in the case, it could be agreed upon that 3M is indeed one of the best entities in the competition of companies under the industries of modern innovative computing procedures.


Yes, CHANGE is the primary asset that the company upholds giving it the kind of reputation that it deserves from all the efforts that its administrators prefer to apply in the process of giving the organization a boost to continuously grow in the industry. How do they deal with the change Like others, they need to consider several points of change management that surely gives them a chance to handle the challenges successfully. To be able to successfully apply change, there are at least ten (10) major ways that should be considered by the administrators collectively. Deriving these particular procedures from the method pattern created by several experts on the organizational management field of industries, the discussion of the methodologies that follow are expected to more meaningful change of organizational structures.
It is very important that the organization's vision towards the changes to be applied are strongly identified as it will certainl ...
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