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Global Markets

The paper begins with looking at Microsoft corporate profile, organizational culture ,its prime emphasis in its overall mission and the anti trust troubles of Microsoft in established markets as the reason for its move to new international markets ; the paper goes on to examine the concept of globalization and the reaction to economic policies pursued in last decade in order to further the process of globalization and lessons for Microsoft initiative in Russia from such reaction to globalization policies of last decade. Finally the paper suggests how a Microsoft R&D initiative in the form of an FDI may turn to be successful international marketing effort in Russia.
This essay makes a conclusion that Microsoft would do well to remember that Russians possess excellent technical education, understanding of networks and, programming knowledge. It would be an ideal human resource strategy to recruit out of such a talented pool which even had tenacity to hack US software in 1980 so as to make Russian programmes work. As of today Russia has many skilled people but only a few jobs for them. Such unemployed talent is involved in social evils like hacking for earning money and name. Moreover hacking operates in gangs, groups and clubs which are well organized and have basis in social communal system of organization. Such groups have often been persecuted for global level hacking. Microsoft should ideally convert its policy of community work for Russian reality to wean away such talent. Russians have strong desire for Internet access, but find it to be an expensive affair. ...
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Globalization has impacted the world communities in an unprecedented manner. This paper examines the possibilities of Microsoft entering Russian market with a Research & Development (R&D) initiative on the backbone of a foreign direct investment (FDI)…
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