Global Markets

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Globalization has impacted the world communities in an unprecedented manner. The communication and the information revolution brought about in recent decade and a half has put unprecedented power to communicate with, inform, interact and trade across the globe.


An additional input to globalization was the across the board lowering of international barriers on movement of capital, goods and services. This has had yeomen contributions from international setups like the World Trade Organization (WTO), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. These setups helped bring about open and rationalized international tariff structures on movements of goods and services and helped bring about improvements in movements of several developing economies towards full capital account convertibility. With such freedoms to deploy capital and resources, aided by astounding communication and information technology assistance, stage was set for several multinational corporations to hasten their international marketing strategies and reap the benefits of globalization by capturing substantial chunks of overseas markets. Microsoft, a major contributor to the communication and information revolution, has also been a contributor to the overall globalization. Microsoft already had strong international presence; however some major international markets had largely eluded their marketing efforts. One such market was that of Russia. ...
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