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E-Commerce laws

The proper functioning of the Internal Market in electronic commerce is ensured by the Internal Market clause, which means that information society services are, in principle, subject to the law of the Member State in which the service provider is established. In turn, the Member State in which the information society service is received cannot restrict incoming services.
Examples of services covered by the Directive include online information services (such as online newspapers), online selling of products and services (books, financial services and travel services), online advertising, professional services (lawyers, doctors, estate agents), entertainment services and basic intermediary services (access to the Internet and transmission and hosting of information). These services include also services provided free of charge to the recipient and funded, for example, by advertising or sponsorship. (Electronic commerce)
The European Union is maintaining momentum in its efforts to regulate the Internet a ...
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The development of electronic commerce in the UK and European Union has been reached to such an extent where it is in challenging conflicting modes towards the response of the EU and English law. Directive 2000/31/EC has created the basic legal framework for electronic commerce in the Internal Market where it has not only faced obstacles but has also taken certain measures to remove obstacles to cross-border online services in the European Union and provides legal certainty to business and citizens alike.
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