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Case Study example - International Trade

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Case Study
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The company which has introduced the sports caf is called Interfresh Ltd. The company is located in Harare, Zimbabwe. Interfresh Limited is in the business of producing, processing and marketing agricultural, horticultural, agro-industrial and allied food products in both the local and export markets…

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The new service plan is that of the sports caf where football matches will be telecasted. The premises of the caf, the uniform of the attendants and the menu will speak out the theme clearly and loudly. The target marketing has revealed a niche audience with love for football. The company introducing the service is Interfresh Ltd - entertainment unlimited. The environment, even though it is going through recession, is favoring the opening of a sports caf. The SWOT analysis has highlighted that the caf has the opportunity of playing many other sports when it reaches the maturity stage and thus extending its maturity. The marketing objectives are that of awareness and creating and keeping profitable customers for the life of the caf. The marketing strategies will involve above-the-line and below-the-line marketing activities.
The marketing objectives for the sports caf are that of awareness of the caf and the special characteristics that it possesses. Whether it is above-the-line or below-the-line marketing activities, both are used to ensure that awareness is spread and excitement is generated within people. Therefore, marketing strategies are formed in ways which will fulfill the marketing objectives, given the budget that was decided. The marketing strategies encompass creating customers, keeping customers and ensuring that customers are profitable. (George, 1981)
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