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Essay example - Stategic Management of Human Resources

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Critically evaluate the role and function of personnel departments within organizations and discuss ways that they can improve their strategic value to the organization with reference to case examples.
Today, the personnel department in the organization as opposed to the human resources department functions quite independently and does not participate well in the overall strategic aspect of the organization as its job is more administrative in nature, whereas human resources focus is more developmental in nature…

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But today, personnel departments are replaced or merged with the human resources departments; (Is there a difference between human resources and the personnel department) hence the demarcation between the two functions has been eliminated. Therefore, now personnel departments in addition to recruiting and selecting personnel, it maintains employee records, helps in career development and training of employees, handles and enforce all kinds of laws and regulations as put forward by the state administration, and moreover, also deals with individual and unionized employees in their personnel actions.
The staffing function of personnel department has three parts to it namely, selecting, hiring and training. After the organizing function of the management determines the places and the jobs that are critical for the organization performance of its functions, the role of staffing comes into play. Thus, personnel managers recruit a new pool of individuals from outside if they see no internal fillings can be done. ...
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