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The Dolman is being operated by David Mannering whose expertise is in financial management. David might be very good in his field but managing an organisation such as a hotel is different. This is probably the reason why the policies at Dolman do not seem to be appropriate for their staff. Another factor that imposes a problem is having David's personal assistant look after personnel administration. In short, the organisation did not have a skilled HR manager to handle the hotel's human resources. This is the reason why a lot of employees at Dolman were having problems and issues. The organisation does not have clear policies on their human resources which affected the staff turnover and the service that the employees provide the customers.
As a business advisor specialising in Human Resource Management, I have to find ways to resolve these issues in the company. I will look for alternatives that might be helpful in solving the organisation's problems and implement the appropriate policies in the areas of flexible working, internet recruitment, selecting and inducting people with the right skills, staff retention, and the involvement and participation of staff at The Dolman.
Fluctuating demand and supply of labour may impose a problem in an organisation if they are not handled properly. Some employees might find it hard to balance their family life and work. ...
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Location is very important in an organisation. Luckily for The Dolman Hotel, they have it. The Dolman has a very strategic location being in the Liverpool city centre and has good transport networks. However, location is not the only thing important for an organisation to prosper…
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