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Company Review

Change management process content is drawn from sociology, psychology, business administration, systems engineering, economics, industrial engineering and study of human and organisational behaviour. The changing process is called "unfreezing, changing and defreezing" based on
Oticon has employed models like 'Problem solving and problem finding' depending on the principle that change management, always mirrors the managing mindset and in this case, it was the mindset of only one person, Kolind. He has drawn from all skills, including political, analytical, people, business and system skills. There are four basic Change Management strategies (given below) regularly employed in a situation like Oticon, and it shows the capability of Kolind that he could use all of them with complete success:
4. Environmental - adaptive and this reiterates that people are environmentally adaptive to new situations, however distasteful they might look at first glance, people would go to a great extent to adapt themselves to new situations, which brings us to memories of evolution theory, where Darwin said adaptation to new situation is the key of human existence on earth and it all goes to prove the immense adaptation power inherent in humans.
Kolind adapted Professor Albert Mehrabian's Communication Model that argues for face-to-face c ...
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In the case study, Oticon, a Danish company, was absolutely and totally refreshed by its leader Lars Kolind. Oticon, in its recent incarnation, is a success story of Change Management planned, applied and successfully executed. Change management deals with three principal sections: self, team and larger system and in Oticon, all three sections are applied…
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