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In March 2007, H&M, the international retail fashion giant, released a new line of clothing, referred to as M by Madonna. This line was inspired by Madonna who, as a cultural icon has, herself, influenced fashion and lifestyle across the world for much of the past to decades.


The realisation of that potential, however, is contingent upon the formulation and implementation of a market plan as which would create consumer awareness of the brand, on the one hand, and incite the purchasing decision on the other. This necessitates the capitalisation upon both Madonna and H&M's already existent market appeal and pre-existing consumer loyalty and trust.
To ensure the popularisation of the brand, it is imperative that M by Madonna engage in a marketing communication campaign designed to disseminate information about the line and to familiarise the consumer fashion market with it. The primary goal of the campaign is to increase market awareness of the line, with campaign success measured in terms of message penetration as evidenced through sales figures.
The campaign will be comprised of a mix of advertising and public relations, supported with direct mail. Paid advertisements will target the defined global consumer segment and public relations, the launching of the lines in various markets. Advertising will consist of magazine, billboards (outdoor advertising) and TV. Public relations will consist of the distribution of promotion packages at the launch events, with the former being highly publicised events featuring celebrity guests.
M By Madonna offers the trendy young consumer an entire fashion range at an affordable price. ...
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