Corporate Social Responsibility of Ikare

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The objective of this study is to do an extensive research into the need for and significance of corporate social responsibility with particular reference to the private equity sector. The corporate initiatives of IKARE, the CSR initiative of IK Investment Partners, have been examined from this perspective.


Investor protection encourages the development of financial markets because protection from expropriation encourages investors to pay more for securities, which in turn encourages entrepreneurs to issue more securities. Internationally, the experience of workers with private equity firms has been negative due to reduction in services and quality, job losses, pay reductions, etc. and sometimes cessation of operations altogether following acquisition. The interactions of stakeholder governance and CSR are complex. The complexity arises out of the nature and diversity of private equity financing. The connections between private equity and CSR are not well defined. There is not enough knowledge on the real effects on human capital and CSR programs in companies acquired by private equity funds. Though there are enough research findings that point to the areas of conflict, there is inadequate material as to how to integrate CSR with private equity for the welfare of the employees, the investors, the society and the environment at large. ...
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