Revision (editing) Assignment 5 Project Management

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All but a few managers and executives operate according to personal theories of people and processes that are no more logical than the poor rat's dance...This variety of personal theories silently but grimly erodes efficiency. The continual mixed messages make it impossible for an employee to determine the organizational realities" (Lareau, p.


And, it says, 18% failed outright" (McCormick, 2005). Furthermore, "the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) put half of the 1,200 federal-government technology projects in the fiscal 2005 budget-621 in all-on a 'watch list' because it felt those efforts were falling short in areas such as performance measures and project management" (McCormick).
One of the major problems Anderson is facing in the project is that he doesn't understand the task of the PM, nor is he prepared or trained for it despite the MBA he had just finished. This results in bad work delegation and inefficient intercommunication with the staff of Parks Corporation.
"Adaptation implies the ability to self-adjust or self-modify with unpredictable changes in conditions of environment or structure. In an adaptive control system, the dynamic characteristics must be identified at all times so that the controller parameters can be adjusted in order to maintain optimal performance. Could adaptive control system theory be the basis of the 'theory of agile systems'" (Alleman, "Herding Cats").
For the successful management of complex interactions, agility is most certainly needed. The case study presented clearly shows a plethora of complex interactions emerging from the mere fact of the behind-the-scenes deception and lack of communications alone. ...
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