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Career and Self Development

PLATO is pivotal to career and self-development. It provides the system for self-development as well as institutions and organizations. It accepts data, analyzes, stores important messages, and also does calculations. PLATO now operates under the name of NovaNET. PLATO is also responsible for many offspring such as TenCORE and Lotus Notes that are built on similar ideas generated by PLATO. The entire worldwide online community owes its existence to the pioneering and persistent efforts of PLATO (Woolley, David R, 1994).
Employability is a concept that works between an employer and the employee. It is the ability of an individual or organization to employ. And it is the capability of the individual to perform the role for which he is employed. The employer and the employee come together for mutual or varied benefits based on performance by the employee and provision of remuneration to the employee by the employer at the end of the agreed term which may be daily, weekly or monthly.
The employer has a specific job for which he or they need a specifically qualified individual. The individual, as the employee, is in a position to provide the employer with the skill needed. ...
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PLATO is a computer-based technology that developed during the early 1960s at the Urbana campus of the University of Illinois. It was developed by Professor Don Bitzer, an electrical engineer, with a few other engineers.
During the intervening decades from the 1960s PLATO developed from a small, timesharing system to be an online platform for users to message, chat, video-conference, and perform a range of other activities online from where they are to any place around the globe…
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