Audit Reports

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Audit reports do not merely bring out the results of auditing of financial statements or other type of examinations, but these reports also provide opportunities for auditors to express opinion on such audit examinations. This write up conveys the meaning of audit reports.


Audit Report on financial statements of an entity is normally an independent auditor's report. Internal auditors also submit reports on assessment of internal controls installed by entities voluntarily or as statutory compliances.
Audit report carries the results of audit examination conducted with in a framework in shape of opinion formed by auditors on such audit examinations. Auditing opinions formed and conveyed through audit reporting may be classified into four categories, namely an unqualified opinion, a qualified opinion, adverse Opinion, and disclaimer of an opinion. Unqualified Opinion expresses that financial statements are presented in accordance with requirement of GAAP. A qualified opinion conveys that financial statements present the financial position, financial results, and cash flow of the entity of the prescribed period in accordance with GAAP except for the matter or matters on which the report is qualified. Adverse Opinion on an audit report is provided when the financial statements do not present financial position, financial results and cash flows in accordance with applicable GAAP. Reports containing adverse opinion are issued when there are material departures from applicable GAAP in the presentations of financial statements. Some time an auditor is not in a position to form an opinion on the financial statement presentations. ...
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