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Case Study example - Project Saturn

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Case Study
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This is an article about a series of events culminating in the present financial crisis. It's about GM and the project Saturn. Saturn was conceived during the 1980s by GM's front man, Roger Smith. The title itself conceives of many meanings - "supposed to save GM"…

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Saturn was to be a plant to produce a brand new car; GM had not been introducing a brand new car for some time. The name Saturn bears the name of the rocket ship the astronauts used to go to the moon. Saturn was to combine innovative technique in labor relations and innovative manufacturing technique. Roger Smith said that Saturn was the key to GM's long-term competitiveness, survival and success, and its mission was "to develop and produce an American-made small car that will be fully competitive with the best of the imports ' [and] affirm that American ingenuity, American technology and American productivity can once again be the model and the inspiration for the rest of the world." (Ingrassia)
After careful planning, with intervention from governors of different states to have the plant built in their jurisdictions, Smith proceeded with the project in Spring Hill, Tennessee. More than two decades later, a new brand of recession hits the world. GM has a pending application for a bailout by the White House. And Saturn is about to be sold out to whoever wants it. What happened to the GM savior after all these years'
It was Smith's dream - the savior concept of Saturn to put GM back on track. In the 1980s, GM was still struggling or was just recovering from the harsh realities of the recession. Yet, it was threatened by other auto giants of the time, like Ford, and the Japanese automakers Honda and Toyota. ...
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