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Essay example - Business Process and Systems

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This essay describes Business process and systems management and particulary focuses on the Kent Limited company. The researcher provides the reader with detailed analysis of the wholesale marketing of organic farm products and describes it's production process…

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The researcher of this essay focuses on describing the business process relating to the wholesale marketing of organic farm products of Kent Limited that requires planning and organisation of various resources in the most appropriate manner. The essay analyzes different aspects relating to setting up of the business in terms of operation and distribution management require greater concern. Operations management is presented as the core function of all types of organisations. It can be also defined as “the efficient and effective implementation of the policies and tasks necessary to satisfy a firm’s customers, employees and management.” In operation management, the management of the entire process relating to the production and marketing of the products or services are involved. The distribution management that is described in the essay in regards to the Kent Limited company consists of the organising and control of the basic functions of product distribution in the market. After analyzing the most important aspects of Kent Limited business processes and strategies, the researcher states that operation and distribution management in Kent Limited have greater influence on the success of the organisation. The researcher also concluds that though the Kent Limited company has to undertake better coordination of the business process and system in order to provide maximum productivity and efficiency in the organisation, the management system that they are using now is also quite successful. ...
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