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TESCO'S has garnered a big share of the retail industry market. But complaints have been lodged by competing stores for government to make an inquiry into its bully boy tactics. Tesco with over 180 stores in England is offering up to 40% discounts to its present and prospective customers. The stores affected are Asda and Yorkshire's chain Proudfoot. Tesco uses its vast Clubcard database to give it access to detailed information about shoppers that no other retailer can match. (Harrison & Enz,Hospitality Strategic Management,p145,USA,John Wiley & Sons,2005)
It also owns a controlling stake in an information company, Dunnhumby, which sells data to third parties. Sales of Tesco has increased due to this strategy. "Calls for an end to Tesco's bully-boy tactics have grown too loud to ignore " this result to a call of full scale competition inquiry by govt. Elsewhere, Lee Scott, the president of Wal-Mart, which owns Asda, has called for government intervention to halt Tesco's rapid growth on the grounds that it is increasingly hard to compete. ...
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There is no crisis if the employees within the company are willing to change to the new and better strategies implemented by management. There is crisis in strategy if the employees resist the change in strategies recommended by management to increase market share by implementing new processes and procedures to improve the quality of its product in lesser time and spending lesser cost…
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