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B2B E-Commerce System

Users connect to the web server and send requests to the DBMS for information retrieval. The application server that sits at the middle tier takes requests from the web server, looks up into the DBMS and then processes the information to be fed back to the web server which is visible to the user through a session with the server. Tomcat, Weblogic, and WebSphere are application servers whereas Internet Information Server (IIS) and Apache are web servers. Out of these Apache and Tomcat are free software and the others are paid. In terms of functionality and performance, all servers are similar - it is the software level configurations and hardware specifications that matter. [Liu, Xue and Heo, Jin et al. 2005]
Justification: Given that we are just starting the implementation of E-Commerce, it may be advisable that we first start with two tier architecture and then gradually migrate to three tier architecture if the volume of transactions increases. Moreover, choice of the web & application servers will depend upon the technical compatibility aspects of the E-Business package that we shall select in due course. Support & maintainability will be a primary concern and hence we shall favour the platform that is better supported by vendors in our region.
Background: The backe ...
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This report is presented with respect to the plan of implementing a B2B E-Commerce system for the organization. In this context this report presents a brief on the queries that you had raised and a feasibility study and cost benefit analysis of the project at the end.
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