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Customer Retention and Loyalty

As we all know that once the idea is floated in the market then no body else can stop others from implementing it, and same is happening all around the globe, even the names acquired by the service providers for any particular service are quite much similar that customers find it difficult to remember which of the service is offered by which of the provider, similar things are happening in the color schemes and unique selling propositions of the service providers. This all is creating a lot of confusion in the mind of customers as they can take a lower quality service by thinking of it to be a higher in standard, which can also cause a higher quality service provider to have no one to serve. There are the few major factors that can give a slight glimpse on the behavior of customers in relation to the services.
"Imitation strategies beyond a certain point can have harmful consequences for both firms and consumers. Two occasions for potential harm to firms occur when a consumer unknowingly purchases an imitator brand. ...
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The roles are extending each and every day and so they are changing, similarly the roles of consumers are changing, rather than they should run after the seller, the seller has to convince them and keep on reminding them about the seller's existence in the market, it is very difficult these day to differ between the sentences "every thing is marketing" and "marketing is everything".
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