E-commerce Issues for Small Business

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Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the procedure of selling and buying services or products with the help of electronic systems. Computer networks or the internet is the common fundamentals of the electronic system. Over the last decade, this form of business has grown into a huge volume and has spread all over the world.


This form of business is able to reach a global market on a fast note and the cost is considerably low.
Business to Business, (B 2 B) Electronic Commerce (E Commerce) has brought about a sea change in the way transactions are carried out between different entities in business. B2B provides a way for manufacturers to develop products for clients, circumventing the traditional channels involved in doing business. The manufacturer, vendors and customers can directly communicate with each other rather than letting intermediaries mediate. In facilitating easy access, E Commerce provides a cost saving method for different parties to a business to develop maximum productivity. The geographical barriers to conducting trade or manufacturing no longer exist. A manufacturer can sell or market through the Internet on a 'virtual' platform but will make huge profits in the real world as he can now get through to a buyer or supplier any where in the world.
Specifically E Commerce integrates telecommunications, computers and stream lined work processes. Business to Customer (B2C) e commerce enables customers to directly get in touch with manufacturers. B2B helps organizations communicate. In both forms of this system, parties to a transaction avoid the unnecessary overhead costs and the impact of the technology does more to expand the business than before. ...
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