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Preparing Facilitators

Facilitative training is a closely controlled information passing technique with defined participant roles (facilitator and trainees). Training sessions are typically held in a seminar format with multiple participants guided by a succinct agenda under the direction of a facilitator. This method is most effective for introducing new material to learners operating from the same knowledge base - for example, reviewing workplace policies with newly hired employees. Facilitative training begins with an overview of its purpose and a clarification of the training goals. The subject matter is then presented to participants and includes opportunities for discussion or question and answer periods which validate learning and goal achievement at an established pace. ...
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In the 1999 White Paper, Learning to Succeed, the UK government asserted that, "In the information and knowledge based economy, investment in human capital - in the intellect and creativity of people - is replacing past patterns of investment in plant, machinery and physical labour." (DfEE, 1999, p.12) However, a recent report from the National Skills Task Force highlighted the serious problems which workers face in gaining access to qualifications despite the fact that employers provide, on average, 10.5 hours of training per thousand working hours…
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