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Strategic Plans of Pfizer

Pfizer Inc. is one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world with a huge range of products which are determinant in its success in controlling a major stake of the pharmaceutical industry. It has state-of-the-art research facilities across the world and does spend considerably in this field in pharmaceuticals. These facilities are constantly discovering and developing new quality products for the industry and are spread across over 150 countries and are striving to discover new market needs specific to each area or globally.
Pfizer has four major divisions of businesses and they are the pharmaceutical sector, consumer healthcare, global R&D and the animal health sector and have within a short span been successful in creating a benchmark in these different groups and industries. In the pharmaceuticals industry, Pfizer's medicines are extensively used to treat cardiovascular or lipid lowering, infectious diseases, central nervous system disorders, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, allergies, diabetes, and women's health. In consumer healthcare sector, the company has leveraged its R&D advantage and has successfully created a niche for itself in over-the-counter medicines in the market. ...
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The report discusses the major strategic plans of Pfizer by mergers and acquisitions, comparatively more spending on R&D, flexible product line along with high quality and increased market coverage and penetration for increased revenues and a level of monopoly on the markets where it operates, which are Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Healthcare, Global R&D and Animal Healthcare (, 2008)…
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