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Chinese Business Culture

Accordingly, business culture of a particular country can be defined as a specific way of business relations existing between the members of a company influenced by national cultural values and norms.
National Influences Chinese business culture includes both conscious and unconscious national values, ideas, attitudes and symbols that shape employees behavior. The combination of Chinese language and religion creates a unique culture and traditions. At its deepest level, however, chinese business culture comprises a set of basic assumptions that operate automatically to enable groups of people to solve the problems of daily life without thinking about them. In this way, business culture is that which causes one group of people to act collectively in a way that is different from another group of people. Chinese business culture is influened by religious traditions including Taoism and Buddhism (Kenna, Lacy, 1994).
Language Language plays a dominant role in every culture as the main tool of communication. Language can be divided into spoken or verbal language and non-verbal language, which includes communication through gestures, touching and other forms of body language that supplement spoken communication. The official language in China is Chinese, but it has verious variation and dialects. ...
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Many problems associated with the relationships between people of different cultures stem from variations in norms and values. Chinese business culture is unique taking its roots in the ethics of Chinese society: groups, education, hard work and commitment.
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