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Silicon Valley - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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Silicon Valley in California has earned a reputation as the epicenter of entrepreneurship and innovation driving the new information-based economy in America and the world. It has become a model for other regions seeking to stake their claim to preeminence in cutting edge technology industries…

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Silicon Valley

High-tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, eBay, Pixar, and many other commonly known technology-based companies all call Silicon Valley home. In recent years, such groundbreaking advances as digital video recording and high speed wireless internet have been part of a non-stop stream of innovations that have facilitated a new way of life based on mobile and on-demand telecommunications capabilities. Other important advances have reshaped the way we utilize the internet, further integrating it into the normal course of our day-to-day existence. This extraordinary success not only devising hi-tech advances, but also bringing them to market in a wildly successful way, has rendered the Silicon Valley economy the envy of the world.
Web innovations have been the latest hot developments to come out of Silicon Valley. Levy and Stone (2006) maintain that innovative new websites such as MySpace and Flickr "are milestones in a new high-tech wave reminiscent of the craziness of the early dot-com days. ...
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