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Power and Politics - Essay Example

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Power and politics are dominating forces with in organizations. Organizations are lead by people with power, and the ones who exercise control, fairly or unfairly. Power can be awarded by management to a person by title, "legitimate power" which is more formal and recognizable…

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Power and Politics

Researchers typify these arenas as a set of activities (Ferris, Frink, Bhawuk, et al., 1996; Mintzberg, 1985) in which few of the involved individuals are not known, and in which most of the rules are ambiguous. Organizational politics and power influence pits some individuals or employees of the organization against other similar entities or even against the organization itself, causing harm to the individuals, organizations and the growth prospects. However, politics and power influence remain an integral part of organizations, which the management personnel have long tried to reduce if not eliminate it from the company culture.
The structure of a team is important in determining how the team will perform. Each team member should contribute skills to enhance the team's overall performance. Individual work habits and leadership styles will determine if the team has the ability to join together and complete their common goals. Teams create environments that bring out the best in each team member. A commitment to effectively communicating information and ideas is a characteristic of an effective team.
That is why the usage of coercion and politics to gain advantage over team members can be very destructive to team dynamics. ...
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