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Environmental Labelling

Through specific questioning and evaluation of the gathered information, researchers hoped to draw fact-based conclusions on whether Type I, Type II or Type III environmental labelling was perceived as most accurate by consumers. Surveys were given only to one person per household; that person was always identified as the main consumer and it is believed that their views on labelling would properly represent the entire household. Two criticisms can be made of the methodology of this project: first, the primary consumer in one household cannot strictly represent his or her household in their beliefs, and second, given published differences in consumer awareness throughout the various States, this purely Victorian data cannot be held true to the rest of Australia.
The ethical concerns for any survey-based research are far less than with other types of data gathering because of the ability of any person to simply refuse to participate (Loughborough 1995). The fundamental ethical concerns of this research are actually inherent in its results because of how the information is going to be used; green labelling is something more and more consumers are looking for and because of this, labels must be presented properly (Wagner 1997). ...
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Green decisions: demographics and consumer understanding of environmental labels" is a research project conducted by Clare D'Souza, Mehdi Taghian, Peter Lamb and Roman Peretiatko; its purpose was to undertake a large-scale survey to determine Australian consumer perception of so-called green labels on products…
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