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Quality Systems in the Public Sector

This review is then used to arrive at the research objectives. The methods to be adopted to complete the research are discussed and laid out.
This research is proposed to be limited to those areas of public sector enterprise where there is a direct interface between the enterprise and the public - the customers. The public sector provides an array of services such as housing, healthcare, policing, fire-fighting, water and sewage, national security and so on. While some initiatives have been taken to privatise some of these services, some, like healthcare remain within the ambit of public sector operation. We may consider approaching this subject from two sides. The first being from within the organisation, to understand the adoption of quality systems/ models, and the perceived effects and benefits to the organisation in terms of efficiency, productivity and costs. The second approach could be to research the quality systems and models adopted by the public sector and assess the impact these have had on the service user public.
This proposal aims at adopting the latter approach. The importance of public opinion has been advocated as an important criterion to judge the impact of initiatives of the public sector in different policy documents (). ...
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The Public Sector continues to operate in various fields of industry and service provision areas. The concepts of quality systems have been developed and adopted by private businesses to help generate efficiency and customer value in addition to answering the needs of their stakeholders and sustainability…
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