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Essay example - China and the bull-run stock market

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China's economic sector is experiencing speedy growth as a consequence of WTO association, but the capital market restructuring continues to insulate behind. Inside capital markets, debt markets insulate behind fair play markets. The elephant economy of China is not only the fastest growing economy of the world, but is a big threat to economy of the United States…

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China's status of "world factory" is the result of that impressive growth show. The excellent performance of economy paved a way to massive capital inflows and pushed country's foreign exchange reserves to more than 600 billion dollars in 2004. Where there is much to celebrate for Chinese, all is not well with this elephant economy of the world.
If we analysed then we came to know that China's bond market comprises of two major markets: the inter-bank bond market and the exchange market. Subsequent to further than ten years of expansion, China's bond market has turn out to be a multi-layered one in which the inter-bank market plays the most important position, complemented by the exchange market.
According to the expert analysis China's soaring stock market is at risk of "a marked correction" that could have a knock-on result on its whole banking system, the OECD said yesterday, addition its voice to a litany of bearish warnings on the country's split prices. The hazard has arisen despite enlargement of nearly 11 per cent last year and a predictable speeding up in customer expenditure ahead, the Paris-based Organization for financial collaboration and growth said.
No doubt, Chinese stocks seesaw in trade but shrugged off the caution from Mr Greenspan an ...
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