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Essay example - Organizational Behavior College

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With the greater visibility and importance of organizational behavior in today's international marketplace, corporate structures are challenged to modify their culture, make-up, and accept new sets of values. These changes reach far beyond equal employment and legal requirements for opportunity…

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Creating a diverse workforce in a company with an existing culture and belief system can be a dilemma. Management has a reasonable desire to bring in people of different ages, gender, and ethnic backgrounds. It is also desirable for the new diverse workforce to accept the organization's existing values. Failure for the new employees to accept these values can result in the new employee not being accepted into the mainstream corporate core. Yet, for the employee to limit their diverse behavior, or act in the traditional corporate mode, reduces the effectiveness and the value of the diversity. It is incumbent on the organization to assure that these new employees can be accepted and valued for their diversity within the existing system.
The outdated concept of a melting pot culture no longer holds validity in today's world. The melting pot approach assumed that people would blend their differing cultures, ideas, and beliefs into a new and unique community. This previously held system eliminated the positive effects of diversity by demanding conformity. People of diverse backgrounds were forced to set aside their differences and in doing so limit their opportunity to effect positive change. ...
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