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Starbucks Coffee

The findings reveal that there are clear segments within Starbucks consumer base in UK and marketing strategy has to reorient to the identified specific needs of each of these segments.
This paper presents an analysis of consumer behaviour in relation to various coffee products offered by the Starbucks UK. Coffee is a product that is consumable on the spot and in its generic form can be considered as a part of daily consumption routine of the consumer. However through the processes of product development and product packaging marketing strategies of coffee products sellers have brought to market place various variants of the generic product and this has worked to rouse consumer demands in respect of each these variants .What is interesting to note is that these variants have resulted in the development of specific consumer choices, rationale for consumption and even lifestyle related issues. This has given rise to innumerable opportunities to innovate and raise other variants of the generic coffee products for the prudent marketer. ...
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Consumer behaviour can be a very evolved process. In particular for a consumable product like coffee this process is expected to be fairly simple and well explained. However major coffee sellers like Starbucks have proven otherwise, by variegated product and offering innovations with in the vanilla coffee products…
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