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Marketing Requisites

For the same reason, the market, unable yet to recognize the trend, is falling short when it comes to the products aiming at the grey population.
We have taken an example of a company, Saga, which specializes in the grey market related products specifically. This company too was running in the same old pattern, taking its clientele to be the conventional waving walking sticks kind. However, with its clientele fast adapting to the new times, the company fell short in appeasing the new generation of "silver surfers" with the kind of products they wanted. To keep up with the times, the company changed its strategy and tried to conform to the latest trends amongst the silver surfers.
This was just one company. However, many companies are now waking up to this fact and are trying to turn their attention to the grey market around the world. In this case study, we are to prove how correctly targeting the grey market will help in increasing your clientele, as will your profits be affected. Kindly advance to the next segment of this case study; which we have divided in the form of headers and sub - headers, in order to segment the whole study to increase the understanding of the reader.
Some people might argue that the grey market does not actually form a substantial part of consumer exploration, however, the argument seems to be getting st ...
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In this case study, we discuss a new emerging trend of a consumer segment and how various companies and agencies can successfully explore the market. The main aim in this case study is to learn how this new segment of consumers, precisely the "grey market", is on a rise and are changing from their old patterns of spending and living…
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