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Research Proposal example - Marketing Plan for "RedBull Chewing Gum"

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Research Proposal
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This detailed plan will inform you to the most realistic way of promoting and advertising an innovating chewing gum by the company Red Bull. It has a target market same as those who love the drink Red Bull. This gum will have the taste of Red-Bull and will provide energy to its consumer…

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So the company will follow a strategic marketing plan for advertisement and to reach to the target audience. They will show the products in print and television advertisement. The detailed plan has covered everything like POS to competitive environment.
If we talk about the brand awareness of Red Bull, then it is interesting to know that it is a very lucrative energy drink which is very famous all around the world. Red Bull is at number 2 in the market of energy drinks and is continuously trying to become the leader, that's the major reason behind introducing the Red Bull Chewing gum. As its really important to reach the target markets with appropriate levels of frequency and credibility. We will use both push or pull strategy or exclusive distribution in some conditions.
Usually the well known brands are successful of developing a pull strategy with their loyal customers. So if we face any sort of constraint then we will ask our distributors to use exclusive distribution strategy to sell the chewing gum; so that the consumer might want to break the suspense, 'why is it only available in few outlets'.
The product is placed in the outlet and the shop is using the brand equityto develop his reliability of the shop name and is also associating with an existing brand name to introduce a new product orproduct line will also attract the target audience.
Red-Bull ...
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