Carters Bakery Business Operations - Case Study Example

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Carters Bakery Business Operations

(Hill, 2005)
This business report presents an analytical analysis of Carter's bakery business in terms in production, management and selling. The report will look at the areas that should be improved in the business.
Operations management is very important in any business organization. The main aim of undertaking operation management should be to increase productivity, reduce costs of productions, and enhance flexibility to match customer requirements and at the same time improve quality and customer care services. (Ruffini, et al, 2000)
As business organizations formulates plans and ways of dealing with the business opportunities and daily challenges that come up within the business environment, it is important that the business formulates a system which is able to produce quality services and products in required amounts and within the required time frame. In relation to Carter bakery, the operations were not well formulated and market research carried out was not enough to give them enough information about the market.
Designing the business system starts with developing product. ...
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In today's business world, operations management is increasingly becoming important in the running of any business, as business enterprises continue to intensify their efforts in reducing the costs and improving quality and service. Operations management in business is concerned with product production and service, and it entails the task of ensuring the operations of a business are effective and efficient…
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