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Chinese Property Market - Research Proposal Example

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Author : browndomenica
Research Proposal
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The aim of this research is to analyse the impact of globalisation on the Chinese property market. Specifically, it seeks to analyse the growth trend of the demand & supply for residential and commercial facilities in this market. To be able to achieve this aim, it would provide answers to the following questions:

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Chinese Property Market

The conclusion from the findings could then be a good decision point for economic operators to invest in the appropriate property market.
Primary and secondary data related to the demand for and supply of property. This would involve reading publications by state agencies and private property dealers, as well as interviews. On the whole, two periods would be taken into consideration for comparative studies. This would cover the period from 1990 to the year 2000, and from the year 2000 to the present day of China's glaring economic boom.
The background to the theoretical study would examine the broad characteristics of globalisation and economic growth. Then particular emphasis would be paid to the characteristics that relate to population growth and an increase in business investment needs. The points to be substantiated here would be theories that link population growth and the demand for residential property, as well as theories that link business investment growth needs and the demand for commercial property.
The second theoretical base would examine traditional factors that influenced the demand for and the supply of both residential and commercial property in China. Then related literature would be viewed on the modern day factors fuelling the growth demand for and the supply for property.
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