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Case Study
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A brand can be construed to mean a service or product or concept produced or offered by a given company and can be distinguished publicly from other concepts, products or services. The distinction of a brand means that it can readily be communicated to the public and thereby it can be marketed.


This paper seeks to highlight the benefits Private Label Worldwide can get from developing its own brand as compared to manufacturing sportswear and supplying them to the leading brands such as Nike. Further, the paper specifies the products that can be under the umbrella of the Private Label Worldwide brand, what customers will be targeted and thus the market segment, the pricing, promotion, distribution and marketing strategies employed in the brand so far developed by Private Label Worldwide which is a cost conscious company.
Private Label Worldwide has no brand of its own but focuses entirely on manufacturing sport clothing and footwear and supplying them to the leading sporting labels such as Umbro, Nike Adidas etc through its major trading arm Sports label UK based in Manchester. Even though the company has been reaping good profit margins, it has definitely become dependent on the customers who are few but place voluminous orders. The dependency means that at times the profit margin can be squeezed and there is fear of the possibility of the customers moving out or shrinking orders and thus bringing down the profit margin. It should be noted that if the customers move out or reduce the quantity of their orders then the company will have to downscale or even close down. ...
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