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Introducing a New Food in Australia

The Australian National Food Safety Standards has the role of labeling food standards to be introduce.
In Australian Capital Territory (ACT) the agency responsible for ensuring the safety of food is the Health Protection Service (HPS) of ACT Health. The HPS under its Food Sampling Working Group (FSWG) looks after the development, overall implementation and co-ordination of the Food Survey Program (Program). These government agencies monitor the introduction of new food as well as supply to ensure that it is safe and pose no risk to the consumers. The new food should comply with standards for microbiological contaminants, pesticide residue limits and chemical contamination.
Introduction of new food in Australia has to meet all the food surveillance data from public health units in Australia. This data includes the results of compliance testing, and specialty targeted surveys. If the new product is canned food then it comes under the Canned Food Information Service Inc (CFIS Inc) for the promotion and review of the product. The CFIS aims to convince consumers about the foods contained, and to dispel misconceptions and so generate increased purchases. The nutrition programme of CFIS is aimed to create the awareness of the influences of public opinion.
After that the authority issue a license only after carrying out a comprehensive risk assessment process so that Australian environment and human health and safety would not be ...
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Although English immigrants brought their foods and recipes to Australia but the country has its own wealth of cultural food in existence- the indigenous food culture. As the food culture evolves Australia had introduced some rules and regulations for the safety of food products…
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