Service Quality for Retail Banking in the UK Research Proposal

Research Proposal
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Banking is a service industry. The level of service provided by the bank to its customers and the satisfaction of the customers would be the real measure of the future growth of the company. Evaluating a bank would fully depend on the service levels that they provide.


In a series of papers presented by Parasuraman et al., they propose the model for measuring the quality of service rendered using the five factors or dimensions. These dimensions include tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance and empathy. While tangibles is a measure of the facilities, assets, personnel and other materials in the bank that add to the service provided to the customer, the reliability is the ability to perform the way it was promised. Responsiveness is a measure of the willingness to help customers and provide them with prompt service. Assurance measures the competence, courtesy, credibility and security of the service provided, while the empathy is about the caring and individualised service that the bank provides to its customers. This would help the bank in realising whether its customers are satisfactory on all grounds and whether there are any gaps in the satisfaction level. The metrics would follow the same standard set by the previously referred authors. The Gap method of questionnaire will be adopted to measure the service quality of the bank.
The objective of the project is to study the existing service levels in the bank and to quantify them by assigning appropriate metrics. This project will be carried out using the following methodology:
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